Launched today

7 February 2023

If you listen closely, you can hear job applicants rejoicing.

Hello Hiring Manager makes it super easy to get cover letters for your job applications. Employers want cover letters, as they show your commitment to the application and give an easy to read overview of your fit. AI makes the game easier. You can get cover letters 10X faster and get your application to far more jobs.

Obviously, it's useful if you're job hunting. But it's also useful if you have a job and want to reassess your market rate. Applying for jobs lets you get a feel for your worth.

It's pretty simple, Hello Hiring Manager ingests your CV and the description of the job you've found (paste the text in), and outputs a cover letter that you can use in your job application. It uses the help of ChatGPT to combine your CV and job description to generate a fully-formed and magnificent cover letter. If you need more than twenty, you can purchase more at a scaling cost system. I think it's worth it based on how many jobs I've applied to and I hope you also find it useful.

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